• 3D scanning
    of industrial site

    This is a 3D and digital molding (point clouds) of your complete installation, equipment, ...
    This 3D molding will serve to monitor the time evolution of geometry.
    It can also serve to different design tools :
    -CAD (AutoCAD suites, PDMS, SmartPlant ...)
    -Calculation and finite element analysis
    -Graphics and 3D animation (3D Studio, Maya ...)
    We offer services in scanning and 3D scanning throughout France and abroad
  • Interactive
    virtual tours

    Immediately after our 3D scan survey, we can offer you a virtual tour of your installation. This visit will be delivered to you on USB key or hosted online for you to share it.
    It is panoramic virtual tours of existing facilities and future facilities.
    They allow to visualize and easily to measure of landscape elements.
    Navigation in the virtual environment is very intuitive. (Looks like Google Street View ©)
    They are a great support for the training and internal or external communication (multi-site technical coordination, crisis management ...)

  • Retro-engineering

    From a 3D scan of the installation we (retro-) publish plans and 3D models.
    We can reconstruct technical documentation and CAD models lost or have become obsolete.
    This for all types of apparent installations
    - Apparent civil constructions, roads, retentions, apparent foundations...
    - Inside and outside of buildings, workshops, technical rooms
    - Steel, concrete or wood structures,
    - Piping
    - Equipment
    We offer services in scanning and 3D scanning throughout France and abroad

  • Interactive 3D
    digital models

    We publish 3D models with integrated datas.
    These intelligent models allow you to filter, select or search for items of your installation.
    You can easily dissect and understand the complex processes of your installations.
    These models are powerfull media for training and internal or external communication (technical coordination, crisis management, 3D Conferences, 3D web meeting ...)

  • 3D Geometric

    Geometric controls to verify compliance of an existing installation or under construction compared to
    - A regulatory framework (following tolerances enacted by building codes)
    - The 3D model of a project
    The controls also allow monitoring over time the evolution of the geometry of an installation.
    It is also possible to make measurements of geometrical quantities difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional means. Difficult access or measures mass (heights, lengths, depths, diameters, angles, surfaces, volumes ...)

  • Project
    management in 3D

    An 3D overlay of a projected facilities into an existing environment allows you :
    - to check and validate the integration feasibility of a project
    - to assess the visual impact, ergonomics, accessibility during a design review
    - to publish a very efficient support of communication on the project for internal and external stakeholders (management, employees, customers, communities and authorities).
    - during construction,site works to manage risks by monitoring the deviations between what is expected and what is built.

last achievements

30 μm precision 3D Threedim surveys

Equipped with high-precision equipment, we offer a 3D scan service, 3D reading and in-situ adjustment with a precision of up to 30 microns.

3D scan, three-dimensional on-site survey, retro-modeling, dimensional control, form and assembly, complex molded parts, sculpted, machined, boiler, injected, extruded, thermo-formed, welded,...

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3D Controls, Measurements & Simulations

We Scanning, Analyzing, Measuring, Controlling, Controlling, Simulating in 3D

your Books, Machines, Parts, Assemblies and Assemblies

                at Precisions ranging from cm up to 30 μm

at you or at us

Assembly Assembly Simulation,...

More achievements

Building 3D virtualization

For the city of HAVRE we have scanned and modeled in 3D the neighborhood of Porte Océane.

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SCAD ENGINEERING will have the pleasure to welcome you on the show of the factory of the future SMART INDUSTRIE 2015 STAND G-9.

SMART INDUSTRIES is a unique event dedicated to the factory of the future that brings together the leading industry leaders who will help make your business 4.0.


More achievements

Safety Health Environment management system certification

MASE is a french management system whose goal is continuous improvement and continuous performance Safety Health Environment businesses.
It is an industrial system for industrialists seeking to :
-> Improve security through a management...

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Interactive & 3D modile applications

We develop interactive & 3D applications for smartphones, tablets or computers.

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3D Scan of a Windmill

For the conservation of windmill Hauville, SCADE conducted a three-dimensional footprint of the construction using a

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360 ° interactive tour of a Winmill

We realize applications of interactive and 360 ° visits.

On his computer, his tablet or his smartphone the visitor can move from one point of view to another then turn on site 360 degrees and tilt the gaze of the floor to the ceiling to discover every nook and cranny.

An aerial photo allows...

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SCAD ENGINEEIRNG is engaged in continuous improvement initiatives :
to certify its management system of safety, health and the environment.

Tél. : +33 (0)972 508 691