The company

SCAD ENGINEERING is a 3D design office specializing in the industrial sector.

SCAD ENGINEERING is the product of three skills : engineering, three-dimensional scanning (SCAN) and computer-aided design (CAD) .

Thanks to these three vectors , SCADE ensures complete management in the cycle of evolution of industrial facilities to bring you a viewing angle 3D smart about your industrial facilities.

Our Design Office offers bespoke and scalable services for 3D scanning, three-dimensional survey, virtualization and creation of digital twins, 3D scanning and modeling, BIM mock-up, 3D geometic control and inspection.

SCADE consists of a team of twenty engineers and technicians, men and women, all eager to make available the results of their collaboration in a very advanced technology.

SCADE supports you in the use of state-of-the-art 3D technologies to help you meet your challenges.

Discover the different aspects of our identity and do not hesitate to contact us to better understand the opportunities available to you,

"Tomorrow is already today".

last achievements

Retro-engineering dredge Daniel Laval

Scan 3D, 360 visit and 3D retro-modelling. The 3 information superimposed or selectable in turn


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Large part geometric and dimensional control

We carry out the geometric and dimensional control of large parts mounted on a machine or not, to quantify defects, deformations or wear.

We scan large parts for:

    check geometries and dimensions
    characterize defects, deformations, wear or damage
    verify by...

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3D reverse engineering of a volute

3D reverse engineering at the service of numerical simulation of fluid mechanics.


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3D scan of the Belem structure

It is with great pride that the SCADE team participates in the safeguarding of this magnificent three-master with a steel hull, the BELEM! It is the last of the great 19th century French merchant ships still sailing.

In anticipation of the renovation work on the hull, we were...

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Complete overhaul of an extruder

Complete overhaul of a 10 meter long extruder, 2 screws D 400mm on a large stopper

1/ 3D scan of new critical parts in store. Control statement and a 3D state 0 impression which will be used at the next stop to quantify and qualify the wear.

2/ When cold and before...

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3D scan, reverse modeling and editing a plan

3D scan, reverse modeling and editing the plan of a 900mm diameter molded elbow with its accessories.

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Detailled project revue

A virtual visit with of existing environement augmented of the project, enables a very clear project review for the different contributors.

Our services: 3D Laser Survey - Point cloud - 3D Modeling - 360 ° VIsite - 2D Studies - 3D Studies - 3D & 4D Simulation Project and Works - 3D Model - 3D Geometric Control


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3D engineering at the service of fast-track projects

3D engineering at the service of fast-track projects and in dense environments.


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SCAD ENGINEEIRNG is engaged in continuous improvement initiatives :

to certify its management system of safety, health and environment.


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